Brand You- Kien Engel Sien

In creating my brand for this set I chose to focus on one aspect of my individual style, that being the marriage of my metal music and my personal aesthetics. I utilized the color red as a focal point that continues around the image drawing your eye into each piece. Then, as always, I seek out a sense of balance and symmetry by anchoring my photo with the majority of my outfit which is radiating out around the leather studded cuff in the right center. I like to employ the use of text as a way to create a fuller sense of space and purpose as if it were an editorial headline. I used the phrase, Kien Engel, German for No Angle, as my leading theme. Also, I am all about juxtaposing hard and soft textures and contrasting colors that really lend to a strong overall appeal. I did this by pairing leather and jersey, fur with a razor and spikes, heavy items with more delicate ones, etc.


~ by jordanhoux on April 25, 2011.

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