Ecouture: Sustainable Fashion

For this polyvore set, I chose to focus more on accessories than apparel for the simple fact that they can be assembled more easily from recycled and ethically sourced objects. For starters, I used a few pieces from an ethical metal smith jewelry designer named Kristen Muenster’s Fossil and Pendant collections which includes an amazing fossilized walrus tusk & recycled metal chain bracelet paired with a matching fossilized walrus tusk ring. The one of a kind stone pendants she makes are all either hand collected or mined from small, family owned mines/rockhounds. Now, perhaps the most surprisingly sustainable/recycled item I’ve used in this set is the recycled teeth rings created by Australian silver smith Polly van der Glas. My gorgeous lace-up boots are by the British fashion design label Nina Dolcetti who exclusively uses ethically sourced vegetable tanned leathers & sustainably sourced cork/wood for the soles to make they’re fashionable products all while they are also designed to utilize every bit of cut-off. The bag I have chosen is a black vegan leather shoulder bag made by the company MATT by MATT & NATT, also based in the U.K. The luxurious golden hemp and silk blend dress I found is by a label called CIEL, one of the environmentally conscious brain-children of designer Sarah Ratty, is produced in factories that abide by fair labor laws using Azo free dyes, recycled fabrics or those that have been certified by Confidence in Textiles. I have also featured an ad from the luxury eco-friendly clothing company Viridus Luxe who specializes in 100% organic fabrics exclusively produced for them including a wide variety of hemp based textiles, an extremely sustainable and adaptable plant source.


~ by jordanhoux on April 6, 2011.

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